For Entrepreneurs

Services We Offer:

BLC provides transactional business law services to help launch new companies. This means our services are primarily focused on helping entrepreneurs with the formation of their company, including discussing what type of business entity they should be (i.e., corporation, limited liability, etc.) and drafting the appropriate documents. We can also help new business owners with intellectual property and contracting/licensing concerns to ensure their new business interests are protected. We do not offer litigation support. Please note that legal services may vary based on the availability of volunteer attorneys.


In order to qualify for BLC’s pro bono services, an entrepreneur or new business owner must not be able to afford traditional legal representation. In order to determine whether an entrepreneur meets this requirement, we ask for a variety of financial and legal history information including monthly expenses, whether the entrepreneur has consulted an attorney before, and any outstanding liabilities. Our requirements are flexible so that we can take a holistic view of an entrepreneur’s finances, but we will never accept a client who we believe may afford to pay for legal services. Please see the submission form below for a closer look at the financial information we require. All information is kept confidential.

In addition to meeting the financial need requirement above, BLC also seeks to help clients who are bringing innovative ideas and models to the marketplace with a high potential for job creation. Therefore, those entrepreneurs who evidence their ability to aid in community economic development are better candidates for obtaining BLC services.


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