Expansion of BLC’s Free Online Form Library to Include Delaware and Hawaii Corporation Organizational Documents

Earlier this year, BLC announced the availability at its website of links to LLC templates, including various forms of operating agreements, which is a valuable resource for Hawaii entrepreneurs.  BLC is now pleased to announce the expansion of its free online form library to include key legal forms needed to start and grow a Hawai’i or Delaware corporation. Among the available documents are various organizational documents, both for Hawai‘i companies and high growth and venture-capital seeking companies, as well as various non-disclosure agreements.  “Entrepreneurs and small business owners now have increased access to a high-quality resource that can be easily downloaded from  BLC’s website, and help them build a solid foundation,” said Landen Buckley, Chief Technology Officer of BLC.  Buckley added, “we hope to keep adding new forms to the BLC Form Library, so that all entrepreneurs have easy access to some of the important building blocks to grow a successful company.”  To visit the BLC’S downloadable form library, please visit http://businesslawcorps.org/resources/downloadable-forms/.

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